Selfie Smartphone Ring Light

Taking a good photo is deeply influenced by the lighting. With the flawless lighting of this selfie light, you will never have to worry about the dark environment. With 3 different levels of brightness, you'll find the perfect lighting needed for your photos. Also, you can clip it onto anything that needs light, not just phones.


Provides supplemental or side lighting for photography whenever you are in dim environment. This selfie light also helps you to get higher quality pictures and videos when natural light is not available.



Reaching natural light effect. This selfie light comes with flawless lighting, which beautifies the face and make the eyes bright in the photography. With the light facing front or back, you can take selfies, or take pictures of the surrounding area, groups of people, etc.



The clipping head can be widely opened, so this selfie light can be applied to almost all smart phones on the market. Also this selfie light is solid and small, can be easily carried in pocket or bag and shoot in wherever you want.